AAANZ Inter-discipline 2013 | Published Proceedings


Inter-discipline: AAANZ Conference 2013 — Conference Proceedings

Preface | ‘Inter-discipline’ was the annual conference of the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand, held at Melbourne from 7 – 9 December 2013.  The conference was hosted by the University of Melbourne (VCA and Art History), the National Gallery of Victoria and RMIT and included sessions on the history of art and other visual arts disciplines, art theory, and practice-based research in art, design and architecture. The conference, of which this publication forms the proceedings, focused on the theme of interdisciplinarity and invited participants to explore the past, present and future of art, including its practices, threats and histories. The theme aimed to encourage critical perspectives that challenged the term ‘inter-disciplinary’ and brought together a broad set of practitioners, independent scholars, interdisciplinary artists, curators, museum educators, students and higher degree researchers across the fields of Architecture, Design, Art, Art History and Theory, Curatorship and Museum Studies, who addressed key issues of concern and highlighted points of intersection between disciplines.

For complete details of the conference program, the keynote speakers, the master classes and PhD prizes, please visit the AAANZ website:

Following the conference, participants were invited to submit their written papers for review and publication as proceedings.  With two exceptions, the papers published in these proceedings were blind refereed by independent local and international experts in accordance with DIISR standards for refereed conference proceedings.  The two papers that were not refereed are indicated by an asterisk (*) in the list of proceedings below.

The date of publication of these proceedings is December 2014.

The Conference Proceedings Publication Committee notes that it was the authors’ responsibility to obtain permissions and to pay all reproduction fees for any images used in the published proceedings.

We would like to thank the many people who contributed in one way or another to the conference and the proceedings, in particular Purnima Ruanglertbutr, who was responsible for the very successful management of the conference; and Katrina Grant, for her technical and editorial support in publishing these papers online.

The Conference Proceedings Publication Committee: Barb Bolt, Alison Inglis, Rebecca Coates, Katrina Grant, Toby Juliff, and Purnima Ruanglertbutr.

Panel B: Disciplines: The Trans, Ill and Un

Convenor: Dr Paul Thomas, College of Fine Arts NSW

DR SUSAN BALLARD | Machinic Evolution in the Art Gallery (download pdf 160kb)

Panel C: Print Culture and the Decorative Arts 1500-1800: Towards an expanded field

Convenors: Professor Peter McNeil, University of Technology Sydney; Dr Matthew Martin, National Gallery of Victoria

JOLA PELLUMBI | Procurators of Saint Mark – their Official and State Occasions attire 1550-1600 (download pdf 2MB)

Panel E: Open Session, Day One

Convenor: Dr Toby Juliff, Victorian College of the Arts, The University of Melbourne

DR SUSAN LOWISH | Digital Image Archives for Australian Art History: Aligning International Paradigms with Local Needs (download pdf 1.3MB)

Panel G: Interdisciplinarity in Art Museums

Convenors: Purnima Ruanglertbutr, University of Melbourne; Dr Heather Gaunt, Ian Potter Museum of Art

MELANIE NASH, CATHERINE REID and HELEN KENT | Stepping Beyond the figured world: Creative Interdisciplinary approaches to literacy across the curriculum (download pdf 242kb)

DR MEGHAN KELLY | The unique inter-disciplinary requirements of a museum development: a case study of the Kelabit Highland Community Museum Development Project (download pdf 1MB)

Panel H: Art, Environment, Interdisciplinarity: new perspectives in Australian art practice

Convenors: Dr Chris McAuliffe, Australian Centre, University of Melbourne; Dr Jolanta Nowak, Australian Centre, University of Melbourne

ERICA SECCOMBE | Relocating the Real: Experiencing Nature in the Fifth Dimension                  (download  pdf 565kb)

Panel J: Relational Aesthetics and socially engaged art: a neo-liberal sociology or a radical practice?

Convenor: Professor Anne Marsh, Monash University

GRETCHEN COOMBS | Moving beyond practice: action and effects in social practice art (download 1.1MB)

Panel L: Re-examinations of curated exhibitions of Australian Art

Convenors: A/P Joanna Mendelssohn, COFA, University of NSW; A/P Alison Inglis, University of Melbourne; Professor Catherine Speck, University of Adelaide; A/P Catherine de Lorenzo, COFA, University of NSW

DR ANNA GRAY |Exhibiting Australia at the Royal Academy, 2013 (download pdf 163kb)

A/P JOANNA MENDELSSOHN | The Exhibition of Albert Namatjira at the Araluen Arts Centre in Alice Spings, 1984 (download pdf 257kb)

A/P ALISON INGLIS | Colonial Post Colonial: art exhibitions and the popularization of academic theory in the 1990s (download pdf 825kb)

Panel O: Art, Science and German Travellers: Inter-disciplinary and transnational exchanges in nineteenth-century Australia and New Zealand

Convenors: Dr Kathleen Davidson, The University of Sydney; Dr Ruth Pullin, Ongoing Fellow, State Library of Victoria

*ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR LINDA TYLER | Moa Hunting in the Transacations: the battle for science’s high ground in nineteenth-century New Zealand between Julius von Haast, Alexander McKay and John Buchanan (download pdf 200kb)

*DR DOROTHÉE PAULI |  Climbing over Fences: Transnational Perspectives in the Work of Mina Arndt (download pdf 252kb)

Panel Q: Topologies of Practice

Convenor: Charles Robb, Queensland University of Technology

SHARON JEWELL | Matter and movement: expression as topological continuity, or a return to Butades’ wall (download pdf 420kb)

Panel U: On Curating

Convenor: Dr Rebecca Coates, The University of Melbourne

DR REBECCA COATES | Curating Histories and the restaged exhibition (download pdf 167kb)

GORDON BULL | Curating in the Field: Djon Mundine and Perspecta ’83   (download pdf 120kb)

KIM DONALDSON | Re-framing – Artist as Curator (download pdf 334kb)

Panel Z: The Interdisciplinary Nature of Online Creation

Convenor: Travis Cook, VCA, The University of Melbourne

DR WES HILL | The ‘Outmoded’ in Contemporary Digital Art (download pdf 214kb)

Panel ZX: Assessing Integrative Learning in Creative interdisciplinary teaching environments

Convenor: Dr Melissa Miles, Monash University

ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR KIT WISE | Diagnosing Interdisciplinarity (download pdf 333kb)

Panel ZY: Performing Disciplines

Convenor: Associate Professor Chris Braddock

RUTH MYERS | Technologies of Early Film and Interdisciplinary Performances (download pdf 495kb)