Welcome to the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand

The Art Association of Australia & New Zealand (AAANZ) is the peak professional body for the region’s art writers, curators, and artists. Since 1974 it has fostered the dissemination of knowledge and debate about art, curatorship, and artistic practice throughout the region. By increasing the visibility of Australasian artists, curators and writers and encouraging critical inquiry into their work, the Association plays an important role in supporting the resilience and sustainability of the local visual arts sector.

Our principal activities are the publication of the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art (ANZJA), holding an annual conference, and administering our annual Prizes which recognise outstanding achievement across the local and international art publishing industry. Through these activities the Association acts as an established and highly successful advocate for the visual arts in Australia and New Zealand.

AAANZ Executive and Staff

Our national Executive ensures equal representation for our members throughout each state of Australia and New Zealand and allows the Association to foster and maintain connections across Australasia. Our Executive Committee members possess demonstrated expertise in the field and in consultation with our broader membership are responsible for the strategic direction of the Association. If you wish to raise any issues or make any suggestions please contact your state representative.


President: Anthony White

Treasurer: Grace McQuilten

Business Manager: Giles Fielke

Marketing and Communications: Katrina Grant



ACT: Robert Wellington

NSW: Toni Ross

New Zealand: Raymond Spiteri

New Zealand: Linda Tyler

NT: Wendy Garden

QLD: Chari Larsson

SA: Lisa Mansfield

TAS: Karen Hall

VIC: Daniel Palmer

WA: Sally Quin



Artist Representative: Martyn Jolly

Indigenous Australian Representative: Stephen Gilchrist

NZ Māori and Pacific Representative: Ngarino Ellis

Student Representative: Matthew Watts

International Liaison: Ann Elias (CAA International Committee)

International Liaison: Andrew McNamara  (CIHA)



Journal: Mark Ledbury

a brief history

The visual arts have had a relatively short life within the Australasian academies. Until the mid-twentieth century, no Australian or New Zealand universities offered art or art history as a subject. Art was relegated to technical education or teacher-training colleges, though many students pursued art training at private schools, studios, and societies.

The first university fine art department was established at The University of Melbourne in 1947 following the endowment of the Herald Chair of Fine Arts by newspaper magnate Keith Murdoch. Two decades later, The University of Sydney established the Power Institute and Power Professor of Art History in 1967, as part of the visionary bequest of the expatriate artist JW Power.

In 1974 the Art Association of Australia was founded to act as a professional body for the region’s art historians, critics, curators, artists, and art students. Becoming the Art Association of Australia & New Zealand (AAANZ) in 1999, this body now has many years of experience in fostering art history, art theory, curatorship, and critical practice, each of which are vital to the entire Australasian art sector. Today our diverse membership encompasses those studying and working in university departments, art schools and art museums across Australasia as well as many independent scholars and artists.

The journal and annual conference are our principal activities and move from city to city, while the Executive remains regionally representative, so its members recognise the regional issues that inform art history and practice. The Association believes art history is an indispensable part of intellectual life, and is committed to developing stronger links between art museums and universities both locally and internationally. We encourage all art historians and students of art history in Australasia to participate in our activities.

Dr Anthony White