ANZJA Vol 14 Issue 2 Open Issue

ANJZA Volume 14 CoverANZJA Volume 14, Issue 2, 2014

Table of Contents

‘Cultural Propaganda’ and the Politics of Taste: The Carnegie Corporation’s |
Caroline Jordan and Rebecca Rice

Art History and Exhibitions: Same or Different? | Catherine Speck and Lisa Slade

Relics of Encounter: Rapport and Trust in the Early Portraits of the Aborigines of New South Wales | Elisabeth Findlay

Surrealism in Italy? Sexuality and Urban Space in the Work of Scipione (1904–1933) | Anthony White

Feminists and Formalists | Edward Hanfling

Photography as Social Encounter: Three Works by Micky Allan, Sophie Calle and Simryn Gill | Daniel Palmer

Dorrit Black: Unseen Forces, Art Gallery of South Australia, 14 June – 7 September 2014. Curated by Tracey Lock-Weir | Catherine Speck

Italian Masterpieces from Spain’s Royal Court: Museo del Prado, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 16 May–31 August 2014 | Mark Shepheard

Hilda Rix Nicholas and Elsie Rix’s Moroccan Idyll: Art and Orientalism, by Jeanette Hoorn | Roger Benjamin

Photography’s Orientalism: New Essays on Colonial Representation, edited by Ali Behdad and Luke Gartlan | Kathleen Davidson