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Below are details of past journal issues of ANZJA. You can also browse past journal issues on the Taylor & Francis page. AAANZ members have online access to read past issues online.

Past Journal Issues

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ANZJA vol. 15 | Issue 2 2015 | ‘Art and Feminism: 21st Century Perspectives’


Edited by Dr Jacqueline Millner University of Sydney; Dr Georgina Cole, National Art School; and Dr Catriona Moore, University of Sydney

This special issue called upon scholars working across historical, modern and contemporary art who are informed by feminist perspectives.

Link to Vol. 15:2 at Taylor and Francis here.

anzja vol 15ANZJA vol. 15 | Issue 1 2015 | Open Issue







An open issue with a range of articles and reviews of recent books and exhibitions. Contributors include Felicity Fenner, Jacqueline Millner & Catriona Moore, Stephen Turner, Roger Benjamin, Emilio Escoriza & Emma Kindred, Catherine Speck, Kate Robertson, Campbell Lewis Ewing.

Link to Vol. 15:1 at Taylor and Francis here.


AAANZ-Journal-Vol-14ANZJA vol. 14 | Issue 2 2014 | Open Issue






An open issue with a range of articles and reviews of recent books and exhibitions. Contributors include Caroline Jordan and Rebecca Rice, Catherine Speck and Lisa Slade, Elisabeth Findlay, Anthony White, Edward Hanfling, Daniel Palmer, Catherine Speck, Mark Shepheard, Roger Benjamin and Kathleen Davidson.

Contents here. Link to Vol. 14:2 at Taylor and Francis here.


American Art, Australian Focus, 1945-1975ANZJA vol. 14 | Issue 1 2014 | American Art, Australian Focus, 1945-1975






There has been a crossing of paths between Australian and American visual art at least since photographers from California documented the 1850s gold rushes in New South Wales and Victoria. By tradition, however, colonial Australians looked to the United Kingdom and France for leadership in art training and aesthetics. It was not until the late 1940s, after the Pacific War, that Australian artists began to venture to New York in preference to Paris and London. The pace of Australian American exchanges quickenedfrom the mid-1960s, fuelled by art magazines, travelling exhibitions, and the movement of artworks, artists, and critics. The shift was mirrored in the collecting policies of James Mollison, the young curator of federal art collections who, from 1971, in forming a collection to be displayed in the National Gallery of Australia (NGA)—a building opened on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra, in 1982—focused on recent American art.Guest Editor: Roger Benjamin. Contributors include Richard Shiff, Michael Hill, Meredith Morse, Charles W. Haxthausen, Keith Broadfoot, Rex Butler, Chris McAuliffe, Hannah Kothe, Adam Jasper, Ann Galbally.

Contents here. Link to Vol. 14:1 on Taylor and Francis here.

ANZJA Vol. 13 | Issue 1 2013 | Contact

This issue addresses the theme ‘Contact’ and were written in response to the themes of teh 2011 AAANZ conference held in Wellington. This theme encompasses a vast range of possible topics, from the encounter of an art historian with an artwork(or of an artist with their materials) to the intersection of province and metropole (or of settler cultural traditions and indigenous ones).

Link to Vol. 12 at Taylor and Francis here.

ANZJA Vol. 12 | 2012 | Open Issue

This is an open themed issue which includes articles and reviews from Sheridan Palmer, Isabel Wunsche, Sheila Christophides, Helen McDonald, Anthea Gunn, Keith Broadfoot, Anne Sanders, Susan Rothnie, Taryn Simon & Geoffrey Batchen, Allan Smith, Roger Benjamin, Susan Best, Courtney Pedersen, Sarah Scott, Andrew McNamara, Vivian Ziherl, Oliver Watts, Natalya Hughes, Hannah Kothe, Sheridan Palmer, Sheridan Palmer, Caroline Jordan, and Chrischona Schmidt.

Link to Vol. 12:1 at Taylor and Francis here.


The Journal_threeANJZA Vol. 11 | Issue 1 2011 | Art and Entertainment





This issue addresses the theme of ‘Art and Entertainment’. What is the relationship between art and entertainment today? Are they simply antithetical? And are we headed into a new ‘post-critical’ situation? Contributions by Catherine Liu, Sven Lütticken, Edward Colless, Damiano Bertoli, Jacqueline Millner, Justin Clemens, Nicholas Croggan and Charles Green. Plus an ‘Art and Entertain Forum’ and reviews. Jointly published with the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.

Contents here. Link to Vol. 11 at Taylor and Francis here.

The Journal_coverANZJA Vol. 10 | Issue 1 2009 | The Conference






This issue draws on papers from the 2008 Art Association conference in Brisbane. Glenn Adamson maps craft. Pamela M. Lee reads Oyvind Fahlstrom’s work through game theory. Richard Read looks at paintings of the backs of paintings. Leonard Bell links Augustus Earle and Charles Darwin. Juliette Peers ponders the neglect of early Australian fashion. Fae Brauer exposes double standards in depictions of children. Stephen Jones celebrates Australian computer-graphics pioneer Frank Eidlitz. Uta Daur characterises Tracey Moffatt’s work as melodramatic. Anthony Gardner applauds dissident artists Lia Perjovschi and Tom Nicholson. Plus reviews. Jointly published with the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.

Contents here. Link to Vol. 10 at Taylor and Francis here.


The Journal_two

ANZJA vol. 9 | Issue 1 2008 | 21st-century Art History




This bumper issue speculates on the forms art history will take in the wake of globalism, with contributions by Okwui Enwezor, Nakamura Kazue, Darren Jorgensen, Jan Baetens, John Clark, Alexander Alberro, Huw Hallam, Jennifer A. McMahon, Catherine Speck and Georgina Downey, Rex Butler and A. D. S. Donaldson, Christina Barton, and Melissa Miles; a forum on the history of the Asia-Pacific Triennial; projects by artists Michael Stevenson and Mladen Bizumic; plus book reviews. Jointly published with the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.

Contents here. Link to Vol. 9 at Taylor and Francis here.


The Journal_one

ANZJA vol. 8 | Issue 1 2007 | Post-Medium

This issue investigates the role of the medium today, when artists routinely work in and across different media. References to our current ‘post-medium condition’ have become ubiquitous and the old ideal of medium-specificity is firmly identified with high modernism. Do today’s post-medium practices demonstrate the redundancy of medium as a category for understanding art, or is medium still crucial to aesthetic judgement? Indeed, do post-medium practices mark a return to an earlier form of modernism? This issue of the “Journal” examines a wide range of critical positions and artistic practices which focus on the question of the medium in art. It features essays by Diarmuid Costello on Jeff Wall and Gerhard Richter, by Rosemary Hawker on Gerhard Richter, by Donna McColm on Morris Louis, and by Toni Ross on Andrea Zittel; an interview with French philosopher Jacques Ranciere; a pictorial by Berlin painter Katharina Grosse; and book and exhibition reviews. Jointly published with the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.

Contents here. Link to Vol. 8 at Taylor and Francis here.