Opportunities – Early Career Development, Graduate Internship, and the Judith Neilson Chair in Contemporary Art

Early Career Development Fellow in Art History at Sydney University

The Early Career Development Fellow in Art History position (in the School of Literature, Arts and Media) is part of a broader recruitment program to appoint a number of Fellows across the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Each Fellow will be appointed on the basis of specific disciplinary expertise and be located in a department. All Fellows will also work across departments and disciplines to design, develop and deliver a whole-of-faculty approach to the interdisciplinary requirement that will be a distinctive component of our transformed undergraduate curriculum, the Sydney Undergraduate Experience 2018.

Gordon Darling Graduate Internship, Curatorial Assistant, Australia Prints, NGA

The Gordon Darling Graduate Intern, Curatorial Assistant, Australian Prints is a professional development position within the Australian Prints and Drawings Department. The Intern will be engaged in the areas of cataloguing, drafting acquisition documents and assisting with exhibition development and publications with an emphasis on web-based delivery of information on the Collection.

Judith Neilson Chair in Contemporary Art at UNSW

This is an endowed Chair at Professor Level that will deepen the intellectual rigour of research into Chinese contemporary art – and, by extension, into contemporary art in general – by supporting the scholarly investigation of Judith Neilson’s significant collection of Chinese contemporary art and its framing in an international context.

The Judith Neilson Chair in Contemporary Art aims, through research, advocacy and teaching, to advance knowledge about, and public and artistic understanding of, the work of Chinese contemporary artists, as well as their training, ideas, influence and practices.



image: ABC (Art Business Consulting Group)

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