The Art Association of Australia and New Zealand is the national professional body for Australian and New Zealand art historians. Its membership is comprised principally of academics in art and design, postgraduate students, artists and designers, and gallery and museum curators.


Annual conference

The Art Association of Australia and New Zealand holds an annual conference. Each year the conference is held in a different capital city in either Australia or New Zealand. The 2016 conference 'The Work of Art' was held in Canberra at the Australian National University (ANU).

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The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art (ANZJA) is the principal refereed art-history journal for Australia and New Zealand. It is published twice a year and features research from art history, art theory, museum studies and art practice as well as a book and exhibition reviews.

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Book and Journal Prizes are awarded at the conference and are keenly awaited by delegates and the publishing sector. These are the only prizes across Australia and New Zealand to focus on art-historical studies, museum catalogues and monographs.

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ANZJA Current Issue | Vol 16 Issue 2 2016 

aaanz-journal-vol-16_2The latest issue of the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art, features selected essays from the symposium ‘Asian Art Research in Australia and New Zealand: Past, Present, Future’

This issue is edited by Stephen Whiteman and Olivier Krischer

The State of Play in Asian Art Research in Australia and New Zealand (read online, open access) – Olivier Krischer and Stephen H. Whiteman

A ‘Barbaric Display of Oriental Magnificence’: Indian Art at the Melbourne International Exhibition, 1880–1881 – Cherie McKeich

Embracing Friendship through Gift and Exchange: Rewi Alley and the Art of Museum Diplomacy in Cold War China and New Zealand – James Beattie and Richard Bullen

Cross-Cultural Exchanges and Interconnections from the 1980s and 1990s: ARX and the APT – Christine Clark and Caroline Turner

A Project Waiting to be Done: The Legitimisation of Contemporary Asian Art within the Queensland Art Gallery – Lisa Chandler

Asian Art History in Australia: Its Functions and Audience – John Clark

Asian Art Research at the Australian National University: Continuity and Continual Change – Charlotte Galloway

Response | A Symposium Response: Asian Historical Art Collections in Australia – James Bennett

Response | Our Geographies Map Our Histories: A Response to ‘Asian Art Research in Australia and New Zealand: Past, Present, Future’ – Susie Lingham

Discussion | Curating Chinese Contemporary Art in an Australian Context – Beatrice Gralton, Suhanya RaffelAaron Seeto in conversation with Stephen H. Whiteman

Review |  Anachronistic Histories: Eugenia Lim’s Yellow Peril – Kate Warren

Review | Ink Remix: Contemporary Art from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong – Clare Veal

Volume 16, issue 2, edited by Dr Olivier Krischer and Dr Stephen H. Whiteman, is available via Taylor & Francis.

Annual Conference

The 2016 AAANZ conference was held in Canberra between December 1st – 3rd. The venues were the Australian National University, the National Gallery of Australia and the National Portrait Gallery. You can read about the conference or download the program details here.

The 2017 AAANZ conference will be held in Perth, Western Australia. Date TBC. Stay up-to-date on conference announcements by visiting our conference page or subscribing to our news alerts.

2015 Prizes

mellor-coverBest Book | Andrea Bubenik, Reframing Albrecht Durer: the appropriation of art, 1528-1700, (Farnham, Surrey, United Kingdom: Ashgate, 2013)

Best Anthology | Christina Barton and Robert Leonard, The Critic’s Part: Wyston Curnow Art Writings 1971-2013 (Brisbane: IMA and Wellington: Victoria University, 2014) & Ian McLean, Double Desire: Transculturation and Indigenous Art (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars, 2014)

Best Large Exhibition Catalogue | Pop to Popism, edited by Wayne Tunnicliffe and Anneke Jaspers (Sydney: Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2014) (Runner Up – Mid-Century Modern (Melbourne: National Gallery of Victoria, 2014) edited by Kirsty Grant)

Best Small Exhibition Catalogue | Madonna Staunton, catalogue essay by Peter McKay (Brisbane: Queensland Art Gallery, 2014).

Best Scholarly Article in the ANZ Journal of Art | Daniel Palmer, ‘Photography as Social Encounter: Three Works by Mickey Allan, Sophie Calle, and Simryn Gill’, (ANZJA, vol.14, issue 2, 2014)

Best Art Writing by an Indigenous Australian | Julie Gough,‘Honouring the past / making a future – The Tasmanian Aboriginal shell necklace tradition’ and ‘Lola Greeno: Cultural Caretaker’ in Lola Greeno: Cultural Jewels, (Sydney: Object Gallery, NSW, 2014) pp.108-116, 159.

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