The Art Association of Australia and New Zealand is the national professional body for Australian and New Zealand art historians. Its membership is comprised principally of academics in art and design, postgraduate students, artists and designers, and gallery and museum curators.


Annual conference

The Art Association of Australia and New Zealand holds an annual conference each year. The 2017 conference 'Art and its Directions' will be held at the University of Western Australia, Perth, December 6-8, 2017.

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The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art (ANZJA) is the principal refereed art-history journal for Australia and New Zealand. It is published twice a year and features research from art history, art theory, museum studies and art practice as well as a book and exhibition reviews.

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Book and Journal Prizes are awarded at the conference and are keenly awaited by delegates and the publishing sector. These are the only prizes across Australia and New Zealand to focus on art-historical studies, museum catalogues and monographs.

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Annual Conference

In 2017 the AAANZ Conference will be taking place in Perth, Western Australia.

The Conference Committee look forward to presenting an engaging program of events at the The University of Western Australia from Wednesday 6 to Friday 8 December.

See the conference homepage for more information.

Program overview now available.

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2016 AAANZ Prizes

mary-roberts-istanbul-exchanges-coverBest Book | Mary Roberts, Istanbul Exchanges: Ottomans, Orientalists, and Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture (Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2015)

Best Anthology | Not Awarded in 2016

Best Large Exhibition Catalogue Treasure Ships: Art in the Age of Spices eds. James Bennett and Russell Kelty (Adelaide: AGSA and Perth: AGWA, 2015)

Best Small Exhibition Catalogue Derek Kreckler: Accidents and Process, ed. Hannah Matthews (Melbourne: Perimeter Books,2015)

Best Scholarly Article in the ANZJA | Stephen Turner, ‘The Parasitical Historiography of Ann Shelton’s Photography,’ ANZJA, Vol. 15, No. 1 (2015), pp. 37-51.

Best Art Writing By an Indigenous Australian | Greg Lehman, ‘Benjamin Duterrau: The Art of Conciliation,’ Journal of War and Culture Studies, Vol. 8, No. 2 (May 2015), pp. 107-24.

Best Art Writing by a NZ Māori or Pacific Islander | Rangihiroa Panoho, Māori Art: History, Architecture, Landscape and Theory (Auckland: David Bateman 2015)

Best University Art Museums CataloguePeter Hennessey – Making It Real, ed. Evie Franzidis (Brisbane: UQ Art Museum, 2015)

Best Artist Book | Christopher LG Hill, Endless Lonely Planet (Melbourne, 2015)

Best PhD Prize | Helen Hughes, ‘Mike Nelson’s Hybrid Scripts’ (University of Melbourne, 2015)