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The annual AAANZ conferences play a central part in the intellectual and institutional life of art history in Australia and New Zealand. We invite preeminent art historians as our keynote speakers, and encourage them to address new methods, ideas, practices, and pressing cultural concerns. Our conferences attract as many as 500 delegates, with up to 200 papers delivered, from early-career researchers to eminent academics, curators, artists, and designers.

next conference 2015

The next conference will be held in November in 2015 in Brisbane.

previous conferences

2014: GEOcritical, Tasmania

2013: inter-discipline, Melbourne

2012: together<>apart, Sydney

2011: Contact, Wellington

2010: Tradition and Transformation, Adelaide

2009: Open Theme, Canberra

2008: AAANZ: Alpha Alpha Alpha November Zulu, Brisbane


2006: Reinventing the Medium, Melbourne