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2017 Conference | Art and Its Directions | Perth December 2017 |

The annual AAANZ conference takes place in either Australia or New Zealand. The conference brings together scholars from Australia, New Zealand, and further afield. The conference attracts around 500 delegates for a two-to-three day program, which typically includes over 150 papers, keynote lectures, graduate masterclasses, the AAANZ three-minute thesis competition, networking, round-tables on publishing, funding and other events. The annual conference is an important event for scholars working within the art history, art theory, curatorship, art education and arts practice. Each year the program features range of speakers from students to established, senior academics. Our aim is to support research in the arts and to draw together the diverse range of people working in universities, museums, libraries and independently.

The venue changes each year and each host venue engages with the local arts and educational groups. By holding the conference in a different major city every year the Association maintains a visible and active presence across the region. Through this geographical spread the Association develops key relationships with a large number of art museums, galleries and educational organisations broadening our scope with each new stakeholder we work with.

AAANZ works in partnership with the organising committee in the host city and each year our conference encourages collaboration between universities and the gallery sector.

AAANZ 2017 Conference

Art and its Directions

The University of Western Australia

Perth, 6-8 December 2017

In 2017 the AAANZ Conference will be taking place in Perth, Western Australia.

The Conference Committee look forward to presenting an engaging program of events at the The University of Western Australia from Wednesday 6 to Friday 8 December.

See the conference homepage for more information.

The Call for Sessions is now closed. The Call for Papers will open on the 23rd of June.

All conference enquiries to Vyonne Walker

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Past Conferences

Our online archive of past conferences includes information about keynotes and you can download past session and paper abstracts.

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