Conference 2001 Conducting Bodies

AAANZ 2001 Conference

Conducting Bodies: Affect, sensation and memory

Art Gallery of NSW

20-22 July 2001

Keynote Speakers

Leo Bersani, ‘Forming Couples: Godard’s Contempt’, Emeritus Professor, University of California, Berkeley

Ernst Van Alphen, ‘Playing the Holocaust’, Professor, University of Leiden, Netherlands

Geoffrey Batchen, ‘CARNAL KNOWLEDGE: Photography, Memory and Touch’, Associate Professor, University of New Mexico, Albequerque

Dorothy Cross, ‘MEDUSAE’, Artist, Dublin, Ireland



Global Politics and Bodily Memory: Chair – Jill Bennett, College of Fine Arts, UNSW

Panel – Andrea Liss ‘Family Photographs, Video and Voice in Art Spiegelman’s The Complete Maus CD-ROM’, Jill Bennett ‘Performing Grief: testimonial imagery and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’, Jennifer Law ‘Causa Mortis: Fetishism, Allegory and Death in the work of South African Artist Penny Siopis’

Theories of Affect | Chair – Suzannah Biernoff, Chelsea College of Art and Design

Panel – Sandra Kaji-O’Grady ‘The Aesthetics of Meat: Countering Deleuze’s Bacon ‘, Anna Munster ‘low-res bleed: congealed affect and digital aesthetics’, Suzannah Biernoff ‘The Corporeal Sublime’

Memory and the Epigram | Chair – Charles Green & Lyndell Brown, University of Melbourne

Panel – Andrew McNamara ‘Wondrous Objectivity’, Meredith Morse ‘I Do Feel I Have Some Slight Corner on Something about the Quality of Things”: Affect and Memory in Diane Arbus’, Rex Butler ‘Equivalence: From Kosuth’s Chair to Freud’s Couch’

Objects that Trigger Memory Retrieval | Chair – Anthony Bond, Art Gallery of New South Wales

Panel – Anne Graham ‘The Mnemonic Function of Objects and Materials as Constructors of Identity’, Geoffrey Batchen ‘CARNAL KNOWLEDGE: Photography, Memory, and Touch’, John Sutton ‘Material Memories and Extended Minds: Interdisciplinarity and Traces’.

Moving Art | Chair – Sue Best, College of Fine Arts, UNSW

Panel – Patricia Mannix ‘Notes on Mary Kelly’s INTERIM mobilizing affective images, objects and narratives’, John Macarthur,’The Picturesque Movement Effect: motion and architectural affects in Wolfflin and Benjamin’, Sue Best ‘Bodies, Movement and Meaning’

Affect and Abstraction | Chair – Keith Broadfoot, University of Sydney

Panel – Rosemary Hawker ‘Affected Detachment: Gerhard Richter, Photography and Death’, Mathew Holt ‘Freedom and Difficulty: Is Abstraction the Art of Democracy?’ Morgan Thomas ‘An Abstraction of Feeling: Mark Rothko and the Subject of Aesthetic Judgement’

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