tradition and transformation

1-4 December 2010

hosted by Art History at the University of Adelaide, the Art Gallery of South Australia and the University of South Australia.

The conference theme, Tradition and Transformation, stems from a challenge offered to the AAANZ by 2009 keynote speaker, Professor Jonathan Mane-Wheoki, to look at changes Indigenous cultures are forging globally and cross-culturally. This challenge has been taken up and turned broadly on art and design history and theory, visual culture, aesthetics, architecture, craft, design, curatorship and museology. 200 speakers will explore these issues.

Ruby Tjangawa WILLIAMSON, Australia, c.1940, Pitjantjatjara people, South Australia, Puli murpu—mountain range, 2009, Amata, South Australia, synthetic polymer paint on linen, 121.5×152.0cm, South Australian Government Grant 2009, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, © Ruby Tjangawa Williamson, Courtesy of Tjala Arts

Keynote speakers:

Evelyn Welch (UK)

John Paoletti (USA)

Philip Jones (Aust.)

AGSA and Samstag Museum floor talk

Panel held in the Art Gallery around the AAANZ focus exhibition Desert Country curated by Nici Cumpston.


Intersections and Divergences In Curatorial Practice

Is Globalization the New Universal? The Fate of Multiple Modernities in Contemporary Art

Bloody Bodies

Hot House: Art and design solutions to environmental problems

Transgressing Decency

The British Art World

Relational Craft

Painting’s Trans-Formations: Towards an ontological aesthetics of an expanded medium

The Transformative Power of Light

Whither Nature? Re-evaluating the bioaesthetic

Building – Interiors – Gardens [BIG] Transformations

Art History and Philosophy

The Complex Issue of Expatriates

Rethinking the Designer Biography

AAANZ Booklet 2010

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2010 AAANZ Conference Timetable