American Art, Australian Focus, 1945-1975 ANZJA vol. 14 | Issue 1 2014

ANZJA vol. 14 | Issue 1 2014 ‘ American Art, Australian Focus, 1945-1975’

ANZJA vol 14 issue 1



Preface | Roger Benjamin

De Kooning: The Kick, the Twist, the Woman, the Rowboat | Richard Shiff

Leo Steinberg vs Clement Greenberg, 1952–72 | Michael Hill

Simone Forti’s Huddle and Minimalist Performance | Meredith Morse

Thinking About Wall Drawings: Four Notes on Sol LeWitt | Charles W. Haxthausen

Australian Art on the Move: Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Wrapped Coast | Keith Broadfoot

What was Abstract Expressionism? Abstract Expressionism after Aboriginal Art | Rex Butler

Fear of a Drip Planet: Jackson Pollock’s Memic Legacy | Chris McAuliffe


No Deal! Indigenous Arts and the Politics of Possession, edited by Tressa Berman | Hannah Kothe

Making Art Global (Part 2), ‘Magiciens de la Terre’ 1989, edited by Lucy Steeds et al. | Adam Jasper

Rivals and Conspirators: The Paris Salons and the Modern Art Centre by Fae Brauer | Ann Galbally

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