ANZJA Current Issue

ANZJA Current Issue | Vol 16 Issue 2 2016 | Asian Art Research in Australia and New Zealand: Past, Present, Future


The latest issue of the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art, features selected essays from the symposium ‘Asian Art Research in Australia and New Zealand: Past, Present, Future’

This issue is edited by Stephen H. Whiteman and Olivier Krischer

Foreword – Mark Ledbury

The State of Play in Asian Art Research in Australia and New Zealand (read online, open access) – Olivier Krischer and Stephen H. Whiteman

A ‘Barbaric Display of Oriental Magnificence’: Indian Art at the Melbourne International Exhibition, 1880–1881 – Cherie McKeich

Embracing Friendship through Gift and Exchange: Rewi Alley and the Art of Museum Diplomacy in Cold War China and New Zealand – James Beattie and Richard Bullen

Cross-Cultural Exchanges and Interconnections from the 1980s and 1990s: ARX and the APT – Christine Clark and Caroline Turner

A Project Waiting to be Done: The Legitimisation of Contemporary Asian Art within the Queensland Art Gallery – Lisa Chandler

Asian Art History in Australia: Its Functions and Audience – John Clark

Asian Art Research at the Australian National University: Continuity and Continual Change – Charlotte Galloway

ResponseA Symposium Response: Asian Historical Art Collections in Australia – James Bennett

ResponseOur Geographies Map Our Histories: A Response to ‘Asian Art Research in Australia and New Zealand: Past, Present, Future’ – Susie Lingham

Discussion | Curating Chinese Contemporary Art in an Australian Context – Beatrice Gralton, Suhanya RaffelAaron Seeto in conversation with Stephen H. Whiteman

Review |  Anachronistic Histories: Eugenia Lim’s Yellow Peril – Kate Warren

ReviewInk Remix: Contemporary Art from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong – Clare Veal

Volume 16, issue 2, edited by Dr Olivier Krischer and Dr Stephen H. Whiteman, is available via Taylor & Francis.