art and entertainment



art and entertainment


With their spectacular presentations, intereactive exhibits, and children’s activities, today’s contemporary-art museums imply a new cultural economy for art.  Similarly, with the academy, there is a new insistence on seeing art as part of a wider spectrum of ‘visual culture’ or ‘creative industries’.  What is the relationship between art and entertainment today?  Are simply antithetical? And are we heded into a new ‘post-critical’ situation? Plus reviews. Jointly published with the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane. $20.


Art and Entertainment

Norman Rockwell vs. Richard Serra: Cultural Populism and Its Vicissitudes at the End of the Twentieth Century, Catherine Liu The Afterlife of Autonomy, Sven Lutticken Pop Life and Living Death, Edward Colless Art and Entertainment Forum, Mark Pennings Continuous Moment, Le Desir… Continuous Moment: Anxiety Villa, Damiano Bertolli Possibilities for Critical Spectacle: AES+F’s Video Installations, Jacqueline Millner virutally anywhere real-time new-old avatar-human entertainment art: Cao Fei online, Justin Clemens Shaun Gladwell: Critique, Gesture and Skateboarding, Nicholas Croggan and Charles Green