journal: 21st-century art history


Journal: 21st Century Art

21st-century art history


This bumper issue speculates on the forms art history will take in the wake of globalism, with contributions by Okwui Enwezor, Nakamura Kazue, Darren Jorgensen, Jan Baetens, John Clark, Alexander Alberro, Huw Hallam, Jennifer A. McMahon, Catherine Speck and Georgina Downey, Rex Butler and A. D. S. Donaldson, Christina Barton, and Melissa Miles; a forum on the history of the Asia-Pacific Triennial; projects by artists Michael Stevenson and Mladen Bizumic; plus book reviews. Jointly published with the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane. $20.


Editorial, Rex Butler and Robert Leonard
Curating the World, Okwui Enwezor talks to Rex Butler
A Dialogue to Find Ourselves and Others: The reception of Emily Kngwarreye in Japan, Nakamura Kazue
Paranoia and the Wandjina: For the ancient astronaut as a category of art history, Darren Jorgensen
The Shock of the Past: What can we learn from French impressionism in film? Jan Baetens
The Possibility of a World Art History, John Clark talks to Parul Dave Mukherjee, Omuka Toshiharu, Patrick Flores, and Woo Jung-ah
Introduction a la Teoria de la Probabilidad, Michael Stevenson
Periodising Contemporary Art, Alexander Alberro
Globalised Art History: The new universality and the question of cosmopolitanism, Huw Hallam
Backing Kant, with Interest: A global concept of art, Jennifer A. McMahon
Cosmopolitanism and Modernism: On writing a new Australian art history, Catherine Speck and Georgina Downey
Stay, Go, or Come: A history of Australian art, 1920–40, Rex Butler and A. D. S. Donaldson
Fiji Biennale Pavilions: Fourth edition, Mladen Bizumic
Mind the Gap: Billy Apple: Between British and American pop, 1960–64, Christina Barton
The Asia-Pacific Triennial: A forum, Doug Hall, Caroline Turner, Claire Roberts, Victoria Lynn, Nicholas Thomas, Jeff Gibson, Michael Mel, Robert Leonard, Chaitanya Sambrani, Lee Weng Choy, Peter Brunt, Ross Gibson, Sharmini Pereira, Lynne Seear, Suhanya Raffel, Michael Snelling, Laleen Jayamanne, Scott Redford, and Michael Eather
Focus on the Sun: The demand for new myths of light in contemporary Australian photography, Melissa Miles

Reviews etc.

Luke Morgan “Nature as Model: Salomon De Caus and Early Seventeenth-Century Landscape Design”, Julian Raxworthy
Jeanette Hoorn “Australian Pastoral: The making of a white landscape”, Kerry Heckenberg
Lisa Gabrielle Mark, ed., “Wack!: Art and the feminist revolution”, and Maura Reilly and Linda Nochlin, eds., “Global Feminisms: New directions in contemporary art”, Catroina Moore
Hamish Keith “The Big Picture: A history of New Zealand art from 1642”, Robert Leonard
Blair French “Out of Time: Essays between photography and art”, Chris Handran
Robert Nelson “The Spirit of Secular Art: A history of the sacramental roots of contemporary artistic values”, Jolanta Nowak
Ian North, ed., “Visual Animals: Crossovers, evolution and new aesthetics”, Michael Newall